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Brief description

Eu ModEX > 2016/2017

N°ECHO/B1/SER/2015/05 Exercises on civil protection modules, technical assistance and support teams and European Union Civil Protection Teams - Design, plan, conduct and evaluate four exercises for High Capacity Pumping, Water Purification,  Flood Rescue Using Boats, Advance Medical Post with or without surgery, Technical Assistance and Support Team (TAST) and experts of a European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) as well as other capacities of the voluntary pool.

Who we are? - The consortium

Our consortium has been awarded by the European Commission the opportunity to conduct module exercises specifically for water related modules in the period of 2016/2017. The partners of our consortium are important emergency management institution and organizations in our countries and they conducted, during the years, extensive activities in the field of civil protection and training:

National Centre APELL for Disaster Management, Romania

General Inspectorate for Emergency Situation of Romania

State Fire and Rescue Service, Latvia (SFRS)

Austrian Red Cross (ARC)

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in one of our exercises please contact us and let us know when you want to participate and what your expectations and specific exercise aims are. If you are interested in these exercises, we kindly ask you to return your completed form by mail to cnapell@apell.ro  before 15 th March 2016 and before 15th April 2016 along with the CECIS factsheets of above mentioned module/team.
We will contact you to discuss further details.
Contact data: Marcel Lucaciu, Project manager
401151, Turda, str. Dr. I. Ratiu, nr. 101 Judetul: Cluj, e-mail: cnapell@apell.ro; fax: 0264315464

Other organizations expressed their support to the Consortium’s endeavour and will participate in the planned activities

Protection and Rescue Directorate, FYROM                      General Directorate for
                                                                        Civil Security and Crisis Management, FR;

United Nations Environment Program

What we’ll do? - Field exercises for water related modules

The Consortium will plan and conduct of four realistic exercises for water related modules, TAST teams and the EUCPT in the period of 2016/2017. According to tender’s documentation, each exercise will last four days including travel days with non-disrupted exercise play of minimum 36 hours to test the 24/7 capacity of the modules as well as TAST and EUCPT. Time compression will be used to be able to cover all the major phases of a real deployment. Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia offer excellent exercise grounds, which will allow realistic exercises. Additional information about locations, offered conditions and specific features will be provided later. The Consortium is especially interested in modules particular training needs and expectations for such exercises.

Where the exercises we’ll take place? - The Venues

The consortium has designed a basic scenario which will be translated in four field full-scale exercises taking place in four different locations from the countries composing the consortium and other interested countries. In order to respond to Commission’s expectations and to address specific areas of training required by the participating modules for their own development, the Consortium is open to modify and adapt, in certain limits, the scenarios.
The exercises will take place as following:



Capacity of participation

27-30 October 2016

Exercise 1,  Latvia

Various combinations of:
3 water related modules – HCP, WP, FRUB, CBRN, AMP 1 x TAST, 1 x EUCPT experts

09-12 March 2017

Exercise 2,  Romania

04-07 May 2017

Exercise 3,  Austria

17-20 June 2017

Exercise 4,  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

What you can exercise? – Aims and objective

The basic philosophy for our exercises is that the exercise will be demand driven. The modules will react to the scenario’s situation and the EXCON we’ll adapt the flow of the exercise according to module’s leadership decisions. Within this setting, it will be possible for the participants to experience all phases of a real international deployment.
The aims and objectives we’ll be a mix of Commission expressed intend and modules’ national training requirements. The Commission already stated exercise objectives as being: Interoperability, Safety and Security, Self-sufficiency, Procedures, Coordination and Learning opportunity. The national training requirement we’ll be communicated by each module to the planning working group which we’ll integrate than in the proposed scenarios.
In addition to this the exercises will provide special training opportunities:

  • having a dedicated mentor/ trainer to identify team development needs and promote good practice from lessons identified;

  • interoperability between the different modules involved;

  • utilizing a shared resources situation of a common Base of Operations (BoO) ;

  • focus on an integrated team of EUCPT and TAST experts and demanding tasks on operational and strategic level;

  • participation of two or more water related modules HCP, WRUB, WP, CBRN and MAP  together with TAST and EUCPT reproducing as much as possible a real flood situation;

Taking into account the time of year and the climate, this implies four exercises in two different seasons with different possible challenges (autumn and summer) when floods are most likely to happen.

Who can participate? – Water related modules

The exercises are meant to provide training conditions and learning opportunities for water related modules – high Capacity Pumping, Flood Rescue Using Boats, Water Purification and Flood Containment. CBRN Detection and Sampling modules and Advance Medical Post modules we’ll be also involved in the scenarios.
Participating modules can follow the situation in an affected country in vOSOCC during their preparation for the mission. From the moment they arrive they have to find their way in a flood affected country where local government is hardly functional and logistics are unreliable. Modules have to find and establish a base of operations and set up a coordination and command structure in order to organize their rescue operations. The modules have to be self-sufficient during the entire exercise period. In their designated area the modules will be faced with multiple flooded sites   and large resource demands for their teams.
The situation in which the modules and EUCPT members must operate requires thorough coordination, cooperation and interoperability, besides skill full and safe rescue operations. We promise you learning opportunities on all these aspects.

What other important information you may want to know?

A flexible program is offered for observers invited to attend the exercise in close cooperation with the Commission. Observers can be asked to eventually provide role player related to their daily jobs. This will provide them with opportunity to interact with participants.
Letter of intent
If a Member State has interest in participating to this exercise, has to fill a Letter of Intent.   Filling in the Letter of Intent will only be considered as a display of the interest to participate in one of our exercises.
CECIS registration of modules
Modules/teams can only participate in the exercise when registered in CECIS. Participating Member States have to provide a copy of CECIS module factsheet along with the Letter of Intent or inform the Consortium when they plan to certify and register the module in CECIS.
Stakeholder Meeting
If a Member State has the intention of participating in one of our exercises is invited to our Stakeholder Meeting from the 04 - 06 May 2016 in Bucharest, Romania. The agenda and all necessary other information for this meeting will be provided in due time. Representatives of each consortium partner, the venue managers of the three training sites, the exercise manager as well as the main trainer will present the concept of scenario, set-up, and timeline to you.
Additional information about the tender can be provided by request.

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