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Volunteering for CN APELL-RO may involve participating in various activities such as:
  • • Assisting in organizing and facilitating training sessions and preparedness exercises for local communities and public authorities.
  • • Contributing to the development of educational and informational materials regarding disaster risk management.
  • • Taking part in awareness campaigns and educational initiatives in communities regarding preparedness and emergency response measures.
  • • Engaging in research and risk analysis activities specific to disasters and identifying suitable solutions for risk reduction.
  • • Providing logistical and administrative support within projects and programs conducted by the foundation.
  • • Contributing to the development of international cooperation projects in the field of civil protection and the exchange of knowledge and expertise between countries and regions.
  • • Through volunteering for CN APELL-RO, individuals can contribute to increasing the resilience of communities to disasters and protecting lives and property in emergency situations.
  • Volunteering in Romania is covered by Law No. 78/2014 regarding the regulation of volunteering activities in Romania.

Contact departments where you want to volunteer

  • PR
  • DB and IT
  • Projects, editing publications
  • Event planning
  • Emergency situations preparations
  • Professional training
  • Basic research and environmental policies
  • Hazards, Risks and Natural Disasters
  • Hazards, Risks and Technological Disasters
  • Hazards, Risks and Complex Disasters
  • Protecţia şi conservarea mediului
  • Volunteer Detachment
  • Commercial activities