EU MODEX - Exercises on civil protection modules, other response capacities, Technical Assistance and Support Teams, and European Union Civil Protection Teams - Cycle 12 LOT 2 - Field exercises for water related, forest firefighting, CBRN related capacities, EUCPT and TAST”

Modex Cycle 12 (2024-2026) Lot 2 provides for 6 field exercises (3 water-related, 2 forest firefighting, 1 CBRN), each lasting 4 days, with continuous operations of a minimum of 42 hours, testing the ability of modules to respond to a situation (exercises will address the full mission cycle, with a focus on deployment and initial operations).
  • MODEX AT (flood scenario): 18-22 November 2024
  • MODEX IT (forest fires scenario): 11 April 2025
  • MODEX BG (forest fires scenario): 12-16 May 2025
  • MODEX LV (CBRN scenario): 08-12 September 2025
  • MODEX PT (forest fires scenario): 4-8 May 2026
  • MODEX MD (flood scenario): 15-19 June 2026
The following six main objectives are considered in the context of the response capabilities within the UCPM to an international disaster, which may occur inside or outside Europe:
1. Interoperability
2. Coordination
3. Self-sufficiency
4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
5. Communications and reporting
6. Learning opportunity for all participants.