MODEX CYCLE 8 2017-2018 LOT 2

CN APELL RO - Project leader
General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of Romania
State Fire and Rescue Service, Letonia
Austrian Red Cross, Austria
State Fire Service, Polonia
General Directorate for Security and Crisis Management, Franța
Regional Civil Protection “Regione Piemonte”, Italia
FireRescue Bigade of Moravian Silesian Region, Republica Cehă
Directorate for Emergency Management, Muntenegru
General Directorate of Civil Protection, Spania
Civil Protection, Crisis and Disaster Protection Management, Austria
World Health Organization, Națiunile Unite
International Organization for Migration, Națiunile Unite
Office for the coordination of Humaniatarian Affairs, Națiunile Unite


Germany (HCP)

Balt Flood Combat (HCP)

Hungary (WP)

România (TAST)

France (Drones)


State Fire Service, Poland

Poland (HCP)

Italy (HCP)

România (HCP)

Latvia and Lituania (TAST)

Netherlands (EAU)


Fire Brigade of Moravian Silesian Region, Czech Republic

Spain (WSAR)

Czech Republic (FRUB)

Belgium and Luxemburg (FRUB)

Finland (TAST)


Civil Protection of Piemonte Region, Italy

Germany (HCP)

Italy (HCP)

Franța (FRUB)

Italy (TAST)


Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers – ENSOSP, France