Programme of Exchange of Civil Protection Experts (EoE)

What does the Programme of Exchange of Civil Protection Experts (EoE) involve?

Programme of Exchange of Civil Protection Experts (EoE) is an initiative that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise between EU Member States in the field of civil protection and emergency management. This programme enables civil protection professionals to participate in missions or projects in other EU Member States to provide technical assistance, advice and support in various areas related to emergency and disaster management.
What is the objective of the programme?
The overall objective of the Programme of Exchange of Civil Protection Experts is to strengthen the European Union's civil protection system and improve the effectiveness of transnational cooperation through the UCPM by enhancing the knowledge and experience of civil protection experts, including experienced volunteers, and staff from EU Member States, UCPM participating states and eligible third countries through the exchange of knowledge and experience within civil protection host organisations.
Who can participate in the programme?
The program is open to experts and civil protection organizations from participating countries in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) or from other eligible countries. Civil protection experts can apply to participate in an exchange with the approval of their national training coordinator, while civil protection organizations can host experts and share their own expertise.
Where will be the exchanges?
Exchanges take place in Europe, the Western Balkans, neighbouring countries to the south and east, and the Eastern and Western Neighbourhood.
What are the benefits for experts?
Participating in an exchange provides civil protection experts with valuable experiences and a deeper understanding, thus strengthening their teams and services in this field.
  • Since 2018, CN APELL-RO Foundation, in accordance with the contract signed with the EC, has carried out the Expert Exchange Programme (EoE) in the field of civil protection.
  • In the framework of the EoE programme, taking into account the number of forest fires in recent years and the effort made to limit the damage, the decision to preposition the ground forest fire fighting modules (GFFF) in Greece was successfully implemented and highly appreciated.