Donate 20% of your income tax

Be a supporter of our programs and choose to direct 20% of the income tax owed to the CN APELL - RO Foundation. The tax code allows you to do so and your donation will cost you nothing. According to art.8 of the Law no. 32/1994 on sponsorship, Romanian natural or legal persons who make sponsorships benefit from the reduction of the taxable base with the equivalent of the sponsorship, under the conditions of the law. According to Art. 21 para. 4 letter p) of the Fiscal Code, taxpayers who make sponsorships according to the provisions of Law no. 32/1994 on Sponsorship deduct from the profit tax due the corresponding amounts within the minimum limit specified below: 3‰ of the turnover; 20% of the profit tax due. The procedure is simple: calculate the amount of the 20% of the company's corporate income tax and conclude a sponsorship contract with the Foundation CN APELL - RO. The expenses are deductible, so the costs for the company are zero.

Example: A company makes a profit of 1.000 lei
Income tax due to the state: 100.000*16/100=160 lei 20% of the income tax due: 160*20%=32 lei (deductible amount of the sponsorship)

Sponsorship is fully tax deductible, if it falls within the limits imposed by the tax code (not more than 3‰ of turnover and 20% of tax). Direct 20% of your company's profit tax to the CN APELL - RO Foundation by signing a Sponsorship Contract. The CN APELL -RO team is at your disposal at Tel./Fax: 004 0264 315464, with information, forms and any other details you consider necessary to decide in favour of our organization.